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Given their size, hotels consume large amounts of energy. At Swissôtel Sydney, we’re well aware of the impact our property not only has to our mixed-use site, but also to the city of Sydney and the greater environment. That’s why our hotel has incorporated a range of energy-efficient solutions that reduce the property’s consumption and emission of water, energy, CO2 and general waste, including:

* Low flow water faucet and plumbing installation across the hotel

* Variable speed drive motors to eliminate unnecessary power usage

* Installation and use of sub-metred cooling towers

* Motion sensor lighting and toilet flushing systems in public areas

* Alternate day linen changing services

* Use of Green energy certified lightbulbs and fixtures

*Refillable Pürovel bathroom amenities which are 100% recyclable and 100% natural 

*Strategically managing waste to minimize impact

*Minimizing single-use plastics that pertain to conference and food and beverage venues, such as in-room plastic bottled water


Results from some of these initiatives include:
* Water consumption reduced by 1 Megalitre (one million litres)
* Zero percent water wastage and plumbing breakages achieved
* Electricity consumption reduced by over 55,000 kWh

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